I'm a Scandophile, geographically-challenged Australian, Mexican food aficionado and slightly unwilling nomad, having lived in Brisbane, Amsterdam, Sydney, London, and Stockholm (twice). I moved to New York City to pursue my childhood dream of being like Sigourney Weaver in Ghostbusters. My two main criteria as a five-year-old were being able to buy groceries in big paper bags, and a penchant for gold eyeshadow, both of which are reassuringly achievable. I was meant to be in NY for 1 year, ended up being there for seven. It'll do that. I then moved to lovely Portland, Oregon. (It's true- Portlandia is a documentary series), but am now back in Stockholm, Sweden (third time’s the charm).

I love all things digital, as well as photography, film, travel and journalism. I am a little obsessed with film editing and am reading lots of the amazing Mr Walter Murch - whom I met on the subway one day. I also love David Lynch, Ryan Gosling memes and dark Nordic mystery series and I read The Guardian obsessively.

I was a proud member of the Frontline Club in London, supporting independent journalism. I volunteer as a photographer for the Film Society of Lincoln Center (hence the celeb photos!)

Oh and in case you're wondering I use a Canon 5D Classic, and am now experimenting with a Leica Q and Canon 5D MkIII.

If you would like to drop me a line, email helloadele[at]me.com.

For work/freelance enquiries please email adele[at]adelemajor.com

ps. My old photo blog is here. My old written blog is here.